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Pro-life, pro-choice and God's word

Pro-life, pro-choice and God's word

If someone asks, “Is God pro-choice or pro-life?” they are usually asking in reference to the issue of abortion. But if we step outside of social and political discussions, the question goes a lot deeper.

My answer in that case would be, “Both.” Let me explain.
First of all, God is pro-life. He is the one who created life. In fact, He is life itself. John 1:4 says about the Word (Christ), “In him was life.” And in John 14: 6, Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”

God is also pro-choice. He is both sovereign and pro-choice. To some this sounds contradictory. They believe that since God is totally sovereign, He has dictated everything that ever is, including what we think are our choices. But I think that idea is actually a limited view of God’s sovereignty.

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